Board of JFV Ouranos 2017-2018


Het 34ste bestuur der JFV Ouranos heeft zich als volgt geconstitueerd:

Jesse van Spijk – President

Meagan Bruma – Secretary

Max Schrijnemakers – Treasurer 

Elden van Delft – Chief of Internal Relations

Ruben Berghuis – Chief of External Relations & Vice-President


Reach out to us:

vlnr. Ruben Berghuis, Max Schrijnemakers, Jesse van Spijk, Meagan Bruma en Elden van Delft

Left to right: Ruben Berghuis, Max Schrijnemaker, Jesse van Spijk, Meagan Bruma and Elden van Delft.

Yearbook Committee
The Yearbook Committee makes and designs the association's yearbook.
Bachelor Committee
The Bachelor Committee of JFV Ouranos organizes academic events for bachelor students of Dutch law.
Magazine Committee
The Magazine Committee is responsible for the Ouranostra, JFV Ouranos's magazine.
Blog Committee
The Blog Committee writes articles for our own online blog.
Cantus Committee
The Cantus Committee will organize a second cantus this year.
Career Committee

The Career Committee is responsible for the organisation of career-related activities, like the symposium and masterclasses

Event Committee
The Social Event Committee organizes all Ouranos' big parties, a cantus and an event for charity.
European Career Day Committee
The European Career Day committee is responsible for organizing the European Career Day.
European Law Committee
The European Law Committee is a fairly new committee that organizes activities for the European Law School students.
Gala Committee
The annual gala of our magnificent association has a rich history.
Introduction Committee
The introduction committee organizes activities especially for new students.
Master Committee
This year JFV Ouranos will organize a number of nice activities for students in the Master's phase.
Travel Committee
The Travel Committee organizes the annual trip to the Hague and this year the trip to Brussels and Luxemburg.
Sports & Games Committee
The Sports and Games Committee organizes different sorts of activiteit with regards to sports.