JFV Ouranos offers its member a great variety of services. There are well-known services that provide material for the preparation of tutorials and exams, but also the more sociable activities and study-related events. The combination of all these services provides for a good understanding of the legal world. Debates, workshops, seminars, study trips and visits to (inter)national legal institutions and law firms, contribute to student’s interests and career opportunities.

Members stay up to date of the ins and outs of the association by means of our website, individual mailings and our magazine ‘Ouranostra’ which, next to events within the association, also provides interesting articles on current legal discussions.

Every year JFV Ouranos strives for the optimal working of its services. To achieve this, we are open to collaborations with law firms, companies, governmental organs or other institutions that – in the broadest sense – can contribute to the association’s effective and productive working.

The collaboration with external parties also has its flipside. Students that are looking for an internship, masterclasses or other ways to come into meet their potential future employer, can always contact us. And again, we are there to establish the first line our relations. We have a big network and are always there to answer the student’s questions concerning relations we have with a variety of partners.

Via you can always contact our Chief External Relations Robin Scheren and see what form of collaboration fits your company best. Also as a student you can contact our Chief External Relations with all your questions and he will be of help.