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JFV Ouranos Book Sale

At the start of every academic period, JFV Ouranos organises a book sale. Members and non-members can purchase their books (ELS and Dutch Law) for the upcoming period. Members receive 15% discount on international books and 10% discount on Dutch books. Becoming a member is possible at any time.

Period 2 & 3:     25 and 26 oktober (during exam week) & 29 and 30 October  09:30 – 13:00

Period 4:             31 januari and 1 february (during exam week) & 4 and 5  February (first week period 4)

Period 5 & 6:     10 until 12 april (during exam week) & 15 (first week period 5)

Location: ‘Lenculenhal’ (near room C0.302) of the Faculty of Law.

You can also order your books online, via the website of our book shop Dominicanenkerk. Only during the regular book sales (during the dates mentioned above) the Ouranos-discount is applicable.

If you any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via!

Vouchers can be handed in until Sunday October 7th at Bookstore Dominicanen.

After that, the vouchers will become invalid.


Come to the faculty
Become a member for discount


Fill in the book list we have prepared for you; we'll process your order immediately


You can pay by cash or card (we do not accept Mastercard/Visa)

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