The association


JFV Ouranos is the biggest association linked to our faculty. We are an association of law students with a variety of events, among which the booksales that we organize, lectures, parties and the Law Student Intro.

If you are a member of JFV Ouranos, you can order your studybooks during our booksales with a 10% discount for national books and a 15% discount for international books. So if you are not yet a member, this is the moment to subscribe and profit from all the benefits! What are the other benefits that come with your membership: first of all discount for all events, some events are even free, getting in contact with leading law firms and you’ll directly have a great network of useful contacts and friends in Maastricht.

In brief, JFV Ouranos is a sociable association with a lot of benefits, without any obligations! If, apart from participating in events, you also want to help organizing them,just send an email to our Chief Internal Relations (