JFV Ouranos organises the Maastricht law student book sale on a yearly basis. From this year onwards we have the pleasure of organising the booksales in cooperation with the bookshop Dominicanen. All our members get a 10% discount on all national books and a 15% discount on all international books.

This year the book sale will take place 4 times. These book sales take place for a specific academic period, being: 

  • Academic period 1: from the 29th of august till the 1st of september during the Facultary Introduction. 
    • Are you not attending the facultary introduction or are you a second year student or higher? No Problem, we have a booksale on the 5th and 6th of September just for you! 
  • Academic period 2+3: from the 27th of october till the 1st of november. Please note the following: this book sale is for the academic periods 2 and 3! 
    • The booksale for period 2+3 will take place in the lenculenhal from 10:30 untill 16:00h.
  • Academic period 4: on the 2nd and 3rd of february following the exams and during the first week of period 4 on the 6th and 7th of February.
  • Academic period 5+6: from the 18th of april till the 20th of may. Please note the following: this book sale is for the academic periods 5 and 6!

How does it work? 

  • Show up at the faculty.
  • Become a member of JFV Ouranos if you want to benefit from the 15% discount.
  • Fill in the printed out booklist we provide at the faculty. This only requires you to fill in the box in front of the books you need.
  • Pay the books. This can either be done in cash or by card.
  • Take your books home and enjoy them

It’s as simple as this!

For more information you can send a mail to: