JFV Ouranos Maastricht

JFV Ouranos is the study association of law at the Maastricht University Faculty of Law. We organise social, academic and career events.

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JFV Ouranos

JFV Ouranos is the study association of law at the Maastricht University Faculty of Law. The association was founded in 1983 and has since then organised a great number of activities for both her members and non-members. Ouranos helps you to get to know people at the faculty. We also help students develop their academic and professional skills, by organising lectures, workshops, law firm visits and information evening.

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Running Dinner

The running dinner is upon us! This event will let you, the participant, go along the houses of the board members and active members that have opened their kitchen especially for you. Every house will provide for food and drinks, tapas style. This event is the ideal way to get to know the board and other active members. The night ends at the Dikke Dragonder, where the first round is on us!

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Become an Active Member

There are many committees within JFV Ouranos. These committees independently and by supporting the board, organise a wide range of activities, such as lectures, study trips, career workshops, drinks, and much more. You can join a committee in order to help us create wonderful events, and help yourself by boosting your CV and gaining experience.

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JFV Ouranos is represented in the Faculty and University Council. In the FC we hold three (out of six) seats and in the UC we are represented with one (out of nine) seats, together with SHAPE. In this section of our website you can find more information about student representation, the councils, current topics, our representatives, etc.

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Book Sale

Each academic period JFV Ouranos organises a book sale. As a member you can purchase books with up to 15% discount.

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See what items there are in our webshop, such as: tickets, memberships, etc.

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