Advisory Bodies

Advisory Board

In the academic year 2002-2003, the Advisory Board was first introduced into JFV Ouranos. The Advisory Board was tasked with the support of the board and the association as a whole through requested and unrequested advice. The Advisory Board supports the general policy and goals of the association in the broadest sense of the word.

Additionally, the Advisory Board is tasked with ensuring the by-laws and internal rules of operations are complied with by the board. The Advisory Board also formulates a voting advice which is presented to the General Members Assembly on some specific topics. Amongst these topics are the policy plan of the candidate board and the budget. Finally, (active) members can always turn to the Advisory Board for advice on all types of issues pertaining to the association.

The Advisory Board consists (preferably) of an odd amount of members with experience within the association and knowledge on its inner workings. The Advisory Board is appointed by the General Members Assembly, and its members are appointed for an undetermined time to guarantee independence.

During the academic year 2022-2023, the Advisory Board consists of the following members:

  • Nadim Abdalla (e.t. President)
  • Josje Wackers (e.t. Secretary)
  • Sylvie Braat (e.t. Chief of Internal Affairs)
  • Carmen te Riele (e.t. Chief of Media and Education)
  • Emke Vossen (e.t. President)
  • Juno Klerks (e.t. Secretary)
  • Iris Shütt (e.t. Chief of External Affairs & Vice President)

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is not the most well-known committee our association holds, but this does not mean it is unimportant in any way. Quite the opposite; the Audit Committee fulfills a vital role within the association.

The Audit Committee is an independent body within JFV Ouranos, with checking the bookkeeping, any financial reports, and the actions of the treasurer as its main task. After every check, the Committee reports its findings to the General Members Assembly.

The Audit Committee thus has an advisory role, and its advice must be heard, but its words are not binding. The Committee fulfills its advisory role by thoroughly checking all aspects of the books every two months.

Members of the Audit Committee are appointed by the General Members Assembly. All members of JFV Ouranos, except for the current board, can be nominated as a member. Want to know more, or do you have a question for the Audit Committee? Send an email to

Currently the Audit Committee consists of the following members:

  • Bart Blokker (e.t. Penningmeester)
  • Emma Daalmans
  • Louise Thomeer (e.t. Penningmeester)
  • Puck van Herwerden
  • Ziva Janssen

Comité van Beschermheren en -vrouwen

Het Comité van Beschermheren en -vrouwen bestaat uit mensen die JFV Ouranos en de Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid een warm hart toedragen. Het comité bestaat uit:

  • Mw. prof. mr. Saskia Klosse (hoogleraar Sociaal Recht aan de Universiteit Maastricht en plv. Kroonlid van de SER);
  • Mw. prof. dr. Hildegard Schneider (hoogleraar European Union Law en oud-decaan van de rechtenfaculteit, Universiteit Maastricht);
  • Mw. mr. Solange Daenen (Docent Privaatrecht, Universiteit Maastricht);
  • Prof. mr. Ton Hartlief (Advocaat-Generaal bij de Hoge Raad en hoogleraar Privaatrecht aan de Universiteit Maastricht);
  • Prof. mr. Gijs van Dijck (hoogleraar Privaatrecht aan de Universiteit Maastricht);
  • Mr. dr. Sjoerd Claessens (Docent International and European Law, Universiteit Maastricht).