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Faculty and University Council Elections

JFV Ouranos participated in last year’s Faculty and University Council elections, for the first time in many years. Upon renewed participation in the elections, we scored 3 (out of 6) seats in the Faculty Council for the Faculty of Law. Now being the largest student representation party at the Faculty of Law, we are participating in the elections again.

You can apply for a spot on one our candidate lists (Faculty Council or University Council). To do so, fill in the form on this page, please. You’ll find more information about the application procedure below.

Application procedure
After submitting your application, the Elections Committee of JFV Ouranos will review your application and invite you for a short interview. During the interview, among other things, your motivation to become a student representative will be discussed.

The final candidate list and order will be decided on by the Elections Committee and the board of JFV Ouranos.

Application deadline: 25 March 2018, 23:59h

To get in touch with our current Faculty Council members, please visit this page.
Dutchies: get to know more about the elections and Council’s work, by reading this blog post written by one of the current Council members (article is in Dutch).


Key issues 2018

  • Focus on employability of students
  • More collaboration between study associations
  • Making internships more accessible
  • Internationalising student representation e.g. in Programme Committees
  • Making flex-studying possible
  • … want to add this this? Apply!

Apply now!

You may answer in English or Dutch / Je mag antwoorden in het Engels of Nederlands.

Dutch LawEuropean LawTax LawOther

Bachelor, year 1Bachelor, year 2Bachelor, year 3Master

Faculty CouncilUniversity Council

Beware! A confirmation of your application will be send to your e-mail. Please note that this e-mail might end up in your spam-inbox.

What do the University and Faculty Council do?

The University Council (UC) and Faculty Council (FC) have a say in the direction of the university and the faculties and represent the interests of students and staff.

University Council
The University Council’s main powers are the right to give advice and the right to give or withhold consent. The UM Administration and Management Regulations, which the UC was involved in drawing up, set out the issues on which the UC is asked for advice and/or consent.

The UC also serves as a sounding board for the Executive Board, is involved in assessment and monitoring, and may submit proposals for new initiatives. The UC has three committees in which staff and students discuss plans and proposals with the Executive Board. Each month a plenary meeting is held with the full council and the Executive Board.

Faculty Council
In addition to the UC, each faculty has a Faculty Council. Functioning in virtually the same way as the UC, these Councils keep the UC informed of faculty affairs and serve as sparring partners and consultation bodies for the Faculty Boards and the dean.

Like the UC, the Faculty Councils are composed of representatives of the academic staff, support staff and students, each elected by their own group at UM. Staff delegates serve terms of two years, students one year.

The Faculty Councils have powers in various areas, including the right to give or withhold consent on the faculty regulations, parts of the Education and Examination Regulations, the guidelines for academic practice and internal policy documents in the areas of education, research and internationalisation. The FC also has the right to advise on matters such as the appointment of professors and the faculty budget.

Source: Maastricht University

Election Programme

Read last year's election programme/manifest. This document contains JFV Ouranos' vision on faculty and university policy.


Faculty Council Members

Learn more about our current work in the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Law.

Learn more

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