Faculty and University Council Elections

JFV Ouranos participated in last year’s Faculty and University Council elections, for the first time in many years. Upon renewed participation in the elections, we scored 3 (out of 6) seats in the Faculty Council for the Faculty of Law. Now being the largest student representation party at the Faculty of Law, we are participating in the elections again.

Our key issues:
  • Making flex-studying possible;
  • Increasing the involvement of students;
  • Encouraging extracurricular activities;
  • Making internships more accessible;
  • Internationalisation of student representation e.g. in Education Programme Committees;
  • Innovation in legal education;
  • Creating better access to study advisors and student psychologists.
–> Read our full election programme here.

Election Programme

Read this year's election programme. This document contains JFV Ouranos' vision on faculty and university policy.



Want to know who is running for Faculty and University Council on behalf of our list? Check out the following page.

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