Faculty Council

  1. Meagan Bruma, European Law
  2. Bas van der Avoird, Dutch Law
  3. Fleur Modderman, Tax Law
  4. Christoph Samen, European Law
  5. Jur Schilp, Dutch Law
  6. Salome Cheuka, European Law
  7. Floris van der Meer, European Law
  8. Hakim Aknouz, Dutch Law
  9. Rob van der Horst,  Tax & Dutch Law
  10. Merel Aarts, European Law
  11. Emmy Faure, European Law
  12. Diya Dilan, European Law
  13. Andrea Han, European Law
  14. Luc Bartholomee, Dutch Law

To get to know more about our candidates, view the UM Elections website.

University Council

  1. Ruben Berghuis
  2. Virginia (Debe) Derbernardi
  3. Max Schrijnemakers
  4. Jesse van Spijk
  5. Niels de Vries
  6. Vincent van Ooteghem (SHAPE)
  7. Tanguy Dewaele (SHAPE)

For the University Council elections, we have a close collaboration with SHAPE.  SHAPE is a alliance between the study associations MSV Santé, SA Helix, AsKlepiOs, MSV Pulse en EUnitas at the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML). As study associations, we have a lot in common with regards to goals and vision, such as the importance of education, career perspectives and community spirit within Maastricht University. Due to the good relationship between our associations, we were are able to make this collaboration happen. In the following years, we will work to expand the collaboration to other faculties.

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