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Your JFV Ouranos membership is entirely non-binding. Becoming an active member or just using the benefits of your membership, for example regarding the book discounts, is completely up to you.

Involvement in the association can be extended with committee membership. By participating in one of the nine committees of JFV Ouranos, one contributes: the committees organise the events, form the core of the association and cooperate in association business as a whole.

Committee work

Different committees within JFV Ouranos organise social and academic activities. We are always looking for enthusiastic students who would like to contribute to this.

Fill in the form below and a board member will contact you. There are no strings attached to filling in the form.

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Committee Layout

For the academic year 2019-2020, JFV Ouranos comprises nine big committees that in general operate in English.


– Academic Committee

The academic committee simply lives up to its name. Organise academic activities and events by contacting speakers or help your fellow students see the inside of a court room. This committee is focused on your career, besides being a lot of fun.

– Communications Committee

This committee takes care of the magazine called the Ouranostra and members can let their creativity run free with the year overview for the members. If you think that writing is your passion, you will discover and broaden your knowledge by writing for our Blog!

– Event Committee

Do you think you can test everyone with your amazing pub quiz questions? Then consider the event committee a good place to start. This committee focuses on our themed drinks, Cantus, and aforementioned pub quizes.

– Gala Committee

Approaching the roaring twenties once again, the gala committee helps organise the JFV Ouranos Gala at Thiessen. Work comprises of decoration, invitation and being the spokesperson when it comes to selling those beautiful, sparkling tickets.

– Internationalization Committee

JFV Ouranos is international, and strives for internationality evermore. In this committee you are focused on helping the European Law School students with their career prospectives, but also bridging the gap between Dutch and international students.

– Representation Committee

The place for student politics starts here. Help the students have a voice in the faculty or university council, and be a spokes(wo)man when it comes to constant improvements in your direct studying habitat.

– Social Committee

JFV Ouranos is an association, and an association runs on its members. The social committee focuses on bringing the members closers to each other by organizing all sorts of activities like Sports&Games, Man/Woman activity and more.

– Travel Committee

Every year, JFV Ouranos travels to a destination for a short stay of around three to four days. This committee helps plan this by filling in the activities and making sure everything runs smoothly when we arrive and during our stay. This year’s destination will be a secret, but the committee members will of course know.

– Trip Committee

Next to our big trip to destination unknown, we also have small day trips lasting no more than two days each. This committee helps us plan these trips as mentioned above. Our trips will take us to The Hague and Frankfurt.

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