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Your JFV Ouranos’ membership is entirely non-binding. Becoming a member and just wanting to use the benefits of your membership, for example regarding the book discounts, is completely fine.

Involvement in the association can be extended with committee membership. By participating in one of the five committees of JFV Ouranos, one contributes: the committees organise the events, form the core of the association and cooperate in association business as a whole.

Committee work

Different committees within JFV Ouranos organise social and academic activities. We are always looking for enthusiastic students who would like to contribute to this.

Working in a committee takes, at most, a few hours in the month, but teaches you how to organise, work in a team and to think creatively: all in all, a good plus on your CV.

Fill in the form below and a board member will contact you. There are no strings attached to filling in the form.




Since the academic year 2018-2019, JFV Ouranos comprises five big committees that in general operate in English.


– Travel Committee

Organise trips for your fellow students. Fun trips with an academic touch are organised by this committee. This year the association will go to Amsterdam, the Hague, Brussels and Prague!

– Social Committee

This committee organises the social events of the association. This comprises i.a. the cantus, the lustrumgala, the pubquiz, and many more!

– Academic Committee

This committee, generally operating in Dutch, organises academic events.

– European Law School Committee

The ELS Committee forms the bridge between international and Dutch students. It organises both academic and social events, as for example a European Career Day and an International Foodmarket.

– Communications Committee

This committee takes care of the magazine called the Ouranostra and the lustrum yearbook. There’s also room to work with our blog.

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