Committee Membership


Your JFV Ouranos membership does not come with any obligations. Whether you become an active member or just use the benefits of your membership, such as the book discounts, is completely up to you. Are you interested in becoming more involved in the goings-on of the association? Committee membership might be for you!

Participating in one of the twelve committees of JFV Ouranos is one of the ways in which one can contribute. The committees organise events, form the core of the association and cooperate with the association’s board. If you’re looking for a way to develop your skills and gain experience in organising activities for law students, don’t hesitate to sign up for a committee!

Sign up for a Committee

Different committees within JFV Ouranos organise social and academic activities. Though signups are closed, you can book an appointment with the chief of internal affairs through the booking tool. In this meeting, you can ask anything related to JFV Ouranos in person!

If the booking tool is closed, you can send a message to the Candidate-Chief of Internal Affairs, Femke (+31 6 10982851), and plan with her a date and time. 


The Committees

This academic year (2022-2023) JFV Ouranos has 14 Committees, which operate in English. Here you will find information about each Committee + an English video (of last year, 2021-2022).
You can find the (Dutch) videos of this academic year on our YouTube channel

Academic Committee
The Academic Committee focuses on the organisation of, as the name would suggest, academic activities for all members. Lectures, workshops and court visits are amongst the possibilities. As a member of this committee, you will be responsible for finding speakers for lectures, contacting a multitude of organisations for different events, and for promotion of these events. 

Communications Committee
Members of the Communications Committee are in charge of writing the association’s magazine, the Ouranostra, and will create the Year Review, which is meant to be a look back for all members. Additionally, this committee works on the image that JFV Ouranos projects. For example, over the past year members have been working on the new association song and they have designed merchandise. If you want to let your inner writer blossom, the communications committee is the place for you!

European Law School Committee
The ELS Committee focuses on helping international students achieve their career goals, and bridging the gap between Dutch and international students. Academic activities such as the European Career Day and Practicing Law after ELS are organised by this committee. Are you interested in helping international students enjoy their time in Maastricht to the fullest, and does involving them in the events of the association sound exciting to you? Sign up for the European Law School committee!

Event Committee
Do you think you’re capable of testing everyone with your amazing pub quiz questions? Do you always have the most creative ideas for a theme party? The event committee is the perfect place to allow your creativity to run loose and develop your organisational skills. This committee focuses on our themed drinks, cantus and of course on pub quizzes. In short: this committee aims to make the association as fun as it can be, and you are more than welcome to join!

First year Committee

The First year Committee offers new students a welcoming environment. This committee consists of first year students, who wish to participate in the association life and host fun parties and events for fellow students. If you want to experience student life as a new student, this committee is the right place for you!

Gala Committee
Next year, JFV Ouranos will once again organise its yearly themed gala, and for this we need your help! This committee will come up with a theme, take care of decoration, and most importantly ensure that all tickets are sold. For this, promotion is essential. So, do you have an eye for decoration and the ability to sell some tickets? Sign up for the Gala Committee!

Master Committee
Master students form a separate target group, especially when it comes to academic activities. They look for a different type of event to complement their study programme. Do you enjoy discovering the best way of helping master students transfer from student life to the job market? The master committee might be the place for you! This committee will organise activities such as lectures and workshops, with the wishes of master students in mind.  

PR Committee
New this year is the PR Committee. The PR Committee will figuratively speaking be the creative brain behind the social media, merchandise and physical promotion of JFV Ouranos. For example creating Instagram posts, promotion posters and new clothing designs. If you enjoy being creative, designing content and working together with a smaller group this is the committee for you!

Representation Committee
The entrance to faculty and university politics lays within this committee. Find out how decisions are made behind the scenes and help students find their voice within the Faculty or University Council. You can be a spokesperson and have a direct impact with regards to changes that need to be made in your direct vicinity and you can help pull voters toward List Ouranos and Lijst LEX!

Social Committee
In the end, JFV Ouranos exists to ensure that students feel welcome at the law faculty. This committee aims to brings students and members of the association together through social activities. Activities such as sports and games, social activities and much more help with achieving this goal. If you enjoy employing your creativity to make the association as attractive as possible for all its members, the social committee is there to welcome you!

Travel Committee
Every year, JFV Ouranos travels to a different location to stay there for three or four days. In 2020, COVID-19 sadly made this impossible, but that gives you all the more reason to ensure that the trip will leave an impression this year! In this committee, you will help ensure that these three or four days go as smoothly as possible. You will think of activities and make sure everyone is able to explore the destination to the fullest. The destination will remain a secret until the announcement in the form of a pub quiz. This pub quiz will also be organised by you!

Trip Committee
Every year, the association organises shorter trips, which take up no longer than two days. In the academic year of 2021-2022, JFV Ouranos will leave for both The Hague and Brussels to discover these cities and the legal world. Within this committee, you will plan the activities which will take place within these cities and you will ensure that these trips run as smoothly as possible. Allow students to (quite literally) broaden their horizons, join the trip committee!