Member discount

Member discounts 2020-2021

Being a member of JFV Ouranos gives you a right to the following discounts.


JFV Ouranos Booksale

10% discount on Dutch-published books
15% discount international books


De Dikke Dragonder Pub (Platielstraat 21, Maastricht)

Every day between 11:00h and 21:30h: 10% discount on all drinks and food.

Between Sunday and Thursday from 22:00h onwards: 20% discount on all drinks.

Address: Platielstraat 21, Maastricht


Thiessen Wijnkopers (Wine)

Thiessen is one of our trusted partners for gifts and as a location for big events. For a great experience feel free to take a look at the beautiful historic location in the centre of Maastricht, and maybe taste some wine!

Adress: Grote Gracht 18, Maastricht
Phone number: 043 – 325 1355

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