Member discount

Member discounts 2022-2023

Being a member of JFV Ouranos gives you the right to the following discounts.

JFV Ouranos study books discount:
  • 10% discount on Dutch-published books
  • 15% korting on international titels
Thiessen Wijnkoopers Maastricht: 10% discount on all wines
  • Thiessen is one of our trusted partners for gifts and as a location for big events. For a great experience feel free to take a look at the beautiful historic location in the center of Maastricht, and maybe taste some wine!
Bread & More: 10% discount on food and drinks
  • This sandwich shop is less than a two-minute walk from the Faculty and serves delicious sandwiches. A perfect break between the different tutorial groups.
Café van Bommel: on Tuesdays 50 cents discount on beer and soft drinks
  • One of the better nightlife bars in Maastricht is Café van Bommel. Here also, JFV Ouranos has provided a discount for its members. On every Tuesday there is a 50 cent discount on beer and soft drinks. Definitely worth coming by.